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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

If this FAQ page doesn't answer your question you can contact us at any time: Email.

1. How many Blogs can I Submit?
A. As many as you like. Every Blog you have listed will appear in your User Control Panel.

2. Can I change a Blog once I've submitted it?
A. Yes - you can change all details recorded on your Blog or Profuile at any time by visiting you User Control Panel. Click on 'Edit Item', 'Delete Item' or 'Edit Profile'.

3. Can I remove a Blog?
A. Yes - you can remove your Blog at any time. Click on 'Delete Item' within your User Control Panel.

4. Where is my User Control panel
A. Click on your Username in the navigation bar above, once you are logged in.

5. Can I Submit a Blog in a language other then English?
A. Yes - But we'll categorise it accordingly.

6. Can I upload my own image?
A. Yes - browse for it either on initial posting or via your User Control Panel.

7. Do I have to upload an image?
A. No - we'll add a screenprint of your Blog for you..

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